By Hj Abdul Jalil Hj Abdul Gani

Promises, Promise, Promises! Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and his opposition fellows are good at giving promises. Of course, one might say, give them a chance to govern the country, they might do better! The frequently mentioned statement is normally related to desperadoes!

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is so desperate to become the Prime Minister of Malaysia to the extent that he might even sell his soul in return for the slightest chance of meeting his dream. He found the only way to achieve his dream is to gather support from the people of "Birds of the same feathers flock together".

Datuk Seri Anwar has accumulated quite a large number of followers but if we revisit the scenario from the day PKR was incepted, so many of his professional and intellectual friends have abandoned him. There must be a very good reason/s why these people decided not to go along with his struggle. Some even went as far as discrediting his integrity by going to court and even to the mosque for "Doa Laknat". Perhaps, there must be some merits in their allegations.

The recent incident in Lahad Datu, Semporna and Kunak has led me to recall the alleged meeting between Anwar and the so called "Sultanate of Sulu".  Anwar is the opposition leader in Malaysia and I do not see any reason why he should be meeting with the very people that have bad intention on Sabah!
The question that is bothering me is that is Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim the right person to be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia? Or if not him, are those associated as his political acquaintance has the right frame of mind and qualities to become the Prime Minister of a multi-religious, multi-racial and multi-ethnics nation?

Aside from the "Alice-in-Wonderland" and a "made-in-heaven" Pakatan manifesto, it is important for the people to make a clear judgment as to who is the right person to become the next Prime Minister of Malaysia?  Let us, frankly, look into the characteristics of the leaders of the oppositions and contrast them with the current Prime Minister and then, analyse the feasibility of the oppositions' manisfesto.

Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim as the Prime Minister (Ketua Umum Parti Keadilan Rakyat) 

A former Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia's (ABIM) leader and a former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia who was sacked by the former Prime Minister of Malaysia for alleged sexual involvement with the same sex (though found not guilty by the court of law). A second charge of Sodomy was also alleged against him and the complainant went to the mosque to swear but still the court of law found him not guilty. He was seen not fit to become the leader of a country that is predominantly Muslims, Christians and Buddists.

The question that needs to be addressed is, can we afford to have Anwar Ibrahim as the next Prime minister as he is carrying too many dark /sophisticated baggages? The black dot will forever haunt him and we will not have a stable government under his administration as he will be too engrossed fighting his shadows.

Dato' Seri  Abdul Hadi Awang (President, Parti Islam Se-Malaysia)

Championing the cause for Malaysia to become an Islamic state within the multi- religious, multi-racial and multi-cultural nation.

The question here is, while Islam is already enshrined in the constitution as the country's main religion and other religions are free to be practiced, what is the ultimate objective of Dato' Seri Abdul Hadi Awang and his Ulamas in PAS? While the current harmony is enjoyed by all Malaysians, do we want to allow PAS to govern us against the teaching of sharing and the "Islam Hadari"? Are we not satisfied with the current arrangement where we all have been living in peace and respect for each others' religions, race and culture since time immemorial?

Lim Kit Siang (Parliamentary leader, Democratic Action Party)

A charismatic Chinese leader with the history of aggressive condemnation at the current Barisan Nasional leaders, specifically targeted at the Malay leaders in UMNO with his mouth full of archeries, shooting whenever  deems satisfy his sadistic political ambition.

Do we want his kind of leadership? Are the Chinese not satisfied with the current racial harmony and freedom to earn their livings? How many billionaires has Malaysia produced and who are these billionaires? Have the Chinese in Malaysia not enjoyed the freedom of doing business. Have they been prevented from making money?

The Chinese, the Indians, the Malays and many others have enriched themselves in this kind of Malaysia that we all have been sharing. Do we want to change the progressive and people's friendly business model under the Barisan Nasional and replace it with Lim Kit Siang's aggressive "survival of the fittest" business and political model? Lim Kit Siang's business and political model will kill the poor and the weak and will turn the nation into the rat race without consideration to racial harmony, welfare of the poor, the minority and the future of the younger generations.

The three leaders in the PAKATAN RAKYAT are so selfish and I dread to think that they emulate the movie "Tiga Abdul" by the legendary Tan Sri P Ramlee. There will be one Abdul that survived as he was the most cunning among the three Abduls. He gave away all the wealth for free that belonged to his father-in-law. Fortunately for him, he had the magic of "niat in soong, mata kaji sembarang ngenseng!( a non-sensible rhyme to open the treasure cave)".

How can we put the future of our nation in the hands of the three different leaders with the three ideologies? Just image:

Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim is trying to clean his dirty linen by becoming the Prime Minister of Malaysia.
Dato' Seri Abdul Hadi Awang is trying to ask the nation to live in heaven and forget about the world!

Lim Kit Siang is rocketing to the moon while killing those around (especially the Malay UMNO leaders and supporters with the blasts of his rocket).

In contrast to the leadership of the current government, the Pakatan Rakyat leaders have no credibility as the leaders that can unite the people of Malaysia. The Current Prime Minister, Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak is the only person that is seen capable to spearhead the nation into our vision of 2020 i.e. a developed nation.

Let us also take a serious look at the PAKATAN RAKYAT ELECTION MANISFESTO:

Lower oil prices, lower electricity charges, lower water charges, abolish tolls, abolish monopolies, lower car prices, 150,00 affordable and comfortable housing, National Housing Corporation: Investing RM5 billion in the first year and RM2 billion a year after to build affordable and comfortable housing, free education for all, abolishing PTPTN, eliminate AES, revoking AES summonses, justice for FELDA settlers, increase police capabilities to solving crime, free ward service to all citizens in all government hospitals for class 2 and 3 wards and Social Welfare Assistance increased to RM550 a month.

The Pakatan election manisfesto is too good to be true. It reminds me of the promises given by a young bachelor when he promises heaven to his future wife: 

I love you so much and I promise to be a good husband.

I will be faithful, I will care for you, I will love only you and I will die for you.
I will give you food, clothing, shelter and protect you.

I will give you comfort and no one else can.

If the future wife is naïve, what will happen to her after marriage? How many promises have been fulfilled and how many single mothers have been created out of these promises?

Likewise, can we really believe that the promises made by the Pakatan Rakyat will be fulfilled?

To be pragmatic, in this competitive world, is there such thing as free? Somebody has to pay, even for a glass of warm water!

The Pakatan's election manisfesto defies all logic. It is a sheer trickery to deceive the voters.


Is the price of oil determined by the government directly or market price?
Do we not have to consider the high cost of operations before we can think of lowering electricity and water charges?

The abolishment of the tolls charges is simply illogical as the roads were constructed by a private enterprise. Who will pay the private enterprise? The government has also provided government roads through different routes. There are choices and one is not coerced into using the tolled roads.

Monopolies may not be good but at different situation, monopolies are a necessity for the good of the people in general. It is a selective monopoly that needs to be reviewed but not total abolishment.

Foreign cars are seen as a luxury. The prices of foreign cars must not undermine the local car industry. It is also our bread and butter.

The government must not be seen as the competitor to the local housing developers. Affordable and comfortable housings for the middle and lower class of the society are already in-placed by the current government.

Free education is always welcome but still the cost of education will have to be paid by someone else. Who else, if not the tax payers as the government will eventually have to raise the taxes.

Abolishing the PTPTN sounds very lucrative and music to the ear but how will the fund be rotated to provide the same service to the future students? Is it fair to the students who have totally paid their loans in the past? Will the Pakatan government reimburse all those who have paid the loans? It is absurd.
AES is an effort to prevent accidents and by abolishing AES, there will be more accidents as the Malaysian drivers will turn to become Formula One drivers in public roads.

The current government is already looking after the FELDA settlers.

 Crime prevention is not the sole responsibility of the Police or government. The people must fight against crime by being aware of the various crime prevention afforts mooted by the government and NGOs. The police in Malaysia is already at the highest standard of discipline so what is there to increase the police capabilities? Is the current government not doing the progressive improvement?

It is good to provide free ward service in the government hospitals so there is no necessity for the Pakatan Rakyat to copy and paste on the current government's good governance for the welfare of the people.

No need for Pakatan to promise the increment on the Social Welfare Assistance as the government reviews the need from time to time.

The Pakatan Rakyat leaders do not have the making of the National Leaders. They do not have the credibility to lead a government. They are good at being the oppositions and let them remain a very good opposition. The current government has all the experience to govern and Malaysia is now a global player and the BN leaders must be congratulated for their efforts in making Malaysia a very peaceful and fast developing country. The BN leaders have built this multi-religious, multi-racial and multi-cultural nation into 1Malaysia.

 So, why take risk on the oppositions? The people must return the current government with at least a two-third majority so that we can avoid chaos, street demonstrations and the rise of the racial, religious and social segregation.


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