Hehehehhehe... hanya ini mamou pu3 nak ulas tentang artikel pu3 kongsikam. Ayat digunakan menampar terus muka Anwar!!!!


Nick Xenophon and John Malottt (remember this moron), are both profit motivated!

Malott and his Japanese wife, with BABI and his wife Azizah.

Australians all know Xenophony is addicted to gambling, especially slot machines!

If you think Nick Xenophon-y and former US ambassador, John Malott, are driven by conviction in what they believe in Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI), well you have to seriously think again.

These two are being paid handsomely to lend their hands in "supporting" BABI's incredibly stupid quest in trying to be Malaysia's prime minister.
I am very sure these two are being paid a lot to show "credibility" in realising BABI's ambition to rule Malaysia.
it is highly unlikely that these two white guys, out the goodness of their hearts spent times and energy cheering and supporting a tarnished Malaysian politician, who is not only a convicted felon, but an adulterer, a sodomite and a pathological liar.

Surely both Xenophon=y and Malott are not that stupid not to really know about BABI, and that both are thoroughly consumed by hatred for Malaysia and to the ruling government of Malaysia that they could do all of these?
No they will not if it does not involve God Almighty dollars, in this case it would  be millions of Aussie dollar and US dollars, this is why they are doing it.  Not because they believe in BABI and his chicanery and lies!

So let us not give this Xenophon-y guy any more publicity since we know he, and Malott, is doing it for money!

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