Dear Uncle Kit Siang, I am your supporter and a core one! Your fighting spirit, since I came to know you in the 80's is undoubtly most admired in this country. Your stand on corruption and democracy principles is well respected not only in Malaysia but worldwide.

You have been trying to save Malaysia since the 70's. When Dr Mahathir was the PM, you tried tirelessly to fight him. You labelled him all kinds of names. Those of us who grew up in the 80's and 90's were influenced by you and your call to hate and reject Dr Mahathir and UMNO. Now, you are asking us to accept him back as PM again! You have forgotten how he detained you and your son without trial. Your son was political persecuted and ended in jail. No human being will come to term with such cruel treatment but you and your son accepted Dr.Mahathir's cruelty. Yet, you now want us to accept him. You are obviously a political animal in the same league as Dr. Mahathir and Mugabe of Zimbabwe! Those Singapore dissents who were detained by Lee Kuan Yew without trial have never forgiven Lee Kuan Yew even though he had passed away. This is what we called principle! You not only sleep with your enemy but make love with your enemy.

You slammed the bumiputra policy and quota policy of UMNO. Now you are with Dr Mahathir who was the main pusher for bumiputra and quota policies. However, the Pakatan Harapan framework did not even touch on abolishing bumiputra and quota policies. Are you now afraid of Dr Mahathir and Malay and been bullied by Dr Mahathir? Are you not worst than MCA and Gerakan?

When Dr Khir Toyo was charged with buying bungalow below market price, the entire DAP erupted into euphoria and celebrated. Supporters of DAP were told that this dirty UMNO leader deserved the punishment. But when Guan Eng was charged on similar case of buying bungalow below market price, you called it political persecution and the entire DAP came to Guan Eng defence, forgetting that they celebrated when Khir Toyo was charged for buying bungalow below market price!

You want 1MDB investigated. You want many mismanagement investigated. Why are you silent on RM6.3 billion Undersea Tunnel Project, the 4500 land reclamation for RM40 billion Penang Transport Master Plan.? You should call a spade a spade. 

You hate UMNO and you called on Malaysians to hate UMNO as well. But behind our back, you and your son hugged Nazri, UMNO Minister of Tourism. You enjoy whisky session with him together with your son and certain Tan Sri in Penang. Are you not betraying your own conscience? Is alright to betray  the people but not your own principle and conscience!

You were wary about PAS and Islamic State. But you urged chinese to vote for PAS in the last two general elections. Do you know the damage you have done? Your son, Guan Eng even allowed PAS to table RUU 355 with his infamous words, Let it pass first! Now when PAS moving towards UMNO, you said it is dangerous for the nation. What is so different between PAS-DAP and UMNO-PAS? PAS is still the same PAS. The only difference is chinese accepted PAS on your call!

Chinese history recorded the Ming dynasty general, Wu San Kui as traitor for opening up the gate of the city to allow the Manchu soldiers to enter China and thus, ending the Ming dynasty and established the Qing dynasty. Your action of influencing the chinese and open our mind to accept PAS is no difference from Wu San Kui. 

Chinese must realise that we have been manipulated by DAP, Guan Eng and Kit Siang!

Joshua Heng

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